Tays Topper- the trick to get your pooch to eat anything! We’ve taken our yummy single ingredient, preservative free treats and created the ultimate topper for your furry friends.

 Puppy eyed pork - pork liver and pork heart finely ground to get your pup giving you their best puppy dog eyes!

Chompin chicken - get your furbaby chompin on their meal with our chicken gizzard and chicken heart blend!

Tooty Frooty - taste the Tooty Frooty rainbow with our fruit and vegetable blend containing bananas, strawberry, peaches, blueberries, apple red and green pepper, carrot, white and orange sweet potato, and beets!

Barkin beef - our beef liver and kidney blend is sure to get your pooch barkin for more!

Tays Topper

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  • We recommend storing our treats at room temperature in a dark, dry place for up to 2 weeks when opened. Although our treats are best consumed within 2 weeks they may last longer. We trust the hoomans with using their discretion as needed.